Three in the Chamber


Eye is in training
For the day its raining down
The radioactive decay
I am done complaining
Its time for rearranging
Around to the final array

Here’s the new beginning
To solidify your future
Gone and dead are the barely alive
Survival of the fittest
Its time to take a chance
And learn to enjoy the survived

Gather the survivors
Its time for a revival
To assess all the fragile and lost
Supreme augmentation
Of the current situation
Climbing back out of the frost

It’s difficult rebuilding
By gathering the pieces
Of a life that was clearly blind
So wipe the slate clean
You know what I mean
Push the past straight out of your mind

Now I move closer
A laser beam of focus
Towards a goal I barely recognize
It seems like the future
Is calling out to greet me
Grasp a life where I feel alive!


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