by The GUNS
lyrics by Justin Giles

Changing up the view of my whole world
I take my soul right back from you
Joy bleeds out from open wounds
Erasure of the failures in my blues

Enter a world where everything matters
Now you all need to be saved!
Who am I now? Please…so I know
Just how I need to behave

I was out of control
Thinking so small
Out of control
Mind needs to slow
I need the change
Things just cannot stay the same

Now I’ve been set aside to lose the fight
To my own worst enemy
Re-adjust the rear view casting my reflection
Keep him close for it is me

Rearrange my former points of view
So I can give a different me to you
Happiness not so far away now
That I can gather all the clues



Enter a world with no more mistakes
Where I know what I want
And it’s mine for the take
You must understand from now on
I will be a new man
With a plan to find my release…



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