Infinity Machines

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Flown into her spider web
All the translucent desires
On my deepest thoughts she fed
Wicked ways we get rewired

She never lets me down, oh no…
There must be trouble up ahead
I know she loves me deep inside
It is a feel she cannot hide
She cannot let me down…

Now a part of her disease
Sickness is consuming me
Pick it up to watch it bleed
It’s killing me, killing me, killing me

He never lets her down, no no…
That’s what he thinks inside his head
The look on her face when she cries
That distant sparkle in here eyes
He cannot let her down…

Who cares? Neither you nor me
Change by the infinity
Parasitic apathy
Has dug in too deep, dug in too deep

We never let each other down…
We integrate our lives instead
The love is growing every day
The pain subsides and moves away
We cannot let each other down…

Riding out these infinity machines
To the breaking point we wear it on our sleeve
See what you have done to me?
Cannot stop this time oh, no now…
scorching rays have left me blind and…
reach around and find the light switch…
bait it with another key


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